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What is Tumblr

What is Tumblr ? If you think Facebook is the most famous social media website in America then you are behind the eight balls. According to very recent research, Tumblr is the most used social media website in America. Most visitors to this website are below the age of 25. Most people do not know it outside the US.

What is Tumblr

What is the youth of America doing on Tumblr? Can be two very common questions, however, the answer is very complicated.

The most common concept that people have about Tumblr is that it is a topic-based image blogging platform. In other words, it a platform where people collect images of a particular thing they like.  However, this is completely wrong.

Tumblr actually became popular because of its anti-blogging format.

What can be the possible reason for people quitting blogging? The most common and genuine answer to this question is the difficulty to find audiences. This applies to every blogger and every blogging platform that exists. Conversely, blogs that attract audiences tend to post similar contents to get more audiences. This is the case for most blogging platforms, except Tumblr. 

What is It then?

It has its own algorithm and does not follow principles similar to other blogging platforms. Additionally, a large part of Tumblr user does not even want to increase their audience. They do not want people to discover their page, expect a few close friends with whom they share their Tumblr blog. Which also means that Tumblr’s low discoverability is okay for most users.

It also provides its users with the oldest security control strategy. It is security through multiple and obscurity pseudonymous. The security settings of It is easy to understand, unlike other platforms for instance Facebook.

What is Tumblr

Most Tumblr content falls under the below the mentioned categories:

  • Pictures from the daily lives of people, i.e studies, shopping, etc. Some of these pictures are from Instagram as well.
  • Memes and Gifs that people find on Tumblr and re-share it with their friends.  Most regular Tumblr users source their posts from other Tumblr blogs or from other sources like Instagram. Fortunately, its dashboard is designed in such a way that it makes reblogging easy and quick. Also, this is where topic-based photobloggers add content to the platform. This is also why it encourages “reblogging” content that users like.
  • Near-porn or porn content for personal use are usually listed under a different pseudonym. According to many users, keyword search at 11 P.M. yields different results when used at 11 AM.

Tumblr also supports animated gif

which is very different from other social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can easily view Its gifs on mobile which is not same for other social media websites.

In some ways, It is nothing but another version of Facebook. Facebook is used by everyone which also includes your parents. However, most Tumblr users are teenagers. It is growing and is one of the most visited websites all around the world.

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