Two Routers on One Modem


I have an older model linksys wi-fi router which  I am replacing with a Medialink one. I am also replacing my modem. However, my security system is using the current wi-fi/router to operate and to change it means hooking up through LAN and crawling through the attic. Is there any way to keep using the original router wi-fi for the security system and use the new one for the rest of the home, all while on one modem?

I tried connecting the the two routers using a LAN to LAN connection, but it did not seem to allow my camera to connect.


Default Asked on 05/28/2019 in Medialink.
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Yes It is possible however you have to configure your camera system once again with the router u want it to be configured it.

Gold Answered on 06/20/2019.
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