My HP Laptop Won’t Turn On – What To Do?

My HP Laptop Won't Turn On

My HP Laptop Won’t Turn On . How to Fix it? Well, here is the solution and answer to all your question. Read this post till the end to know everything.

Users report that their laptop was working normally last time when they started their laptop, and then suddenly they find that their laptop is not turning on at all. We know that this can be quite frustrating, but you can fix it easily.

Why My HP Laptop Won’t Turn On ?

There can be several reasons as a result of which your laptop denies to turn on . First of all, if the battery of your laptop is completely discharged, dead or damaged, then there is a considerable chance that you will encounter something that you already have in your mind, that’s – HP Laptop not Turning On issue. Also, if there will be some conflicts due to external hardware, then that can also lead to this issue.

But, there is nothing to worry anymore as we are here to help you out. Below we’ve listed some solution to get rid of Problem . So, try these solutions and see if it helps you to turn on your HP laptop.

Fix My HP Laptop Issue

#1 Inspect Battery Of Your HP Laptop

It’s evident that your HP Laptop won’t turn on if there will be an issue with the power source. So, you need to inspect the battery of your laptop and make sure that it is supplying the required power to your laptop. Follow the below tips:

Tip 1: If the battery of your HP laptop is damaged then you need to replace that with a new one and try turning your Laptop On with the new battery. If your laptop is working fine with a new battery then congrats you’ve found the main culprit behind this issue. If not then proceed with the next tip.

Tip 2: This one is for those users who use their laptop with Power charger as a power source. Check your laptop’s charger port and the respective power cable as well to ensure that there is no problem with these two. Most of the time a damaged power charger lead to the issue called My HP Laptop not  Turning On.

Also, try to boot your HP laptop with any other AC Adapter and see if your device is normally starting. If you find any issue with your power charger or if it’s damaged then you need to contact HP Support to ask them for repair or replacement.

If there is nothing wrong with your laptop battery and AC Adapter, then proceed with the next approach as mentioned below.

#2 Try Disconnecting All The External Devices

My HP Laptop Won't Turn On

External devices are another reason your laptop may not turn on. Some external devices cause hardware conflicts with HP laptop. So, here is how to deal with those external devices leading to My HP Printer Won’t Turn On issues.

Step 1: Make sure that you’ve turned your HP laptop off.

Step 2: Disconnect all the devices connected to your laptop (Printer, USB drives etc.)

Step 3:  Now press the power button of your laptop to turn it on.

Still facing the same issue? Well, here is the final solution.

#3 Hard Reset Your HP Laptop

My HP Laptop Won't Turn On

Now this one is the last, but a most effective method to get rid of  issues.

Step 1: Turn Off your laptop, unplug external drives, remove power source (Battery and Power Charger).

Step 2: Now start pressing And holding the power button for around 30 seconds.

Step 3: Now connect the power charger first to the LAPTOP and press the Power button of your laptop to turn it on.

Step 3: Now put your Battery back correctly.

This one will surely fix the issue.


So that’s all about fixing My HP Laptop problem. Hope you enjoyed reading this post and it really helps you.

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I easily fixed my HP printer by following the rules of this article. This article helped me a lot to fix my HP Laptop.

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This article is very helpful for me to fix my issue, How to fix HP Laptop.

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