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Do you find it difficult to Login D-Link Router ? Are you new to D-Link router and have no idea how to set up and Login D-Link Router ? If yes, then techsupportforum247 is here to provide you with an ultimate guide that will help you login your D-Link router appropriately.


We are living in a digital world now, and thus routers are almost everywhere. The router is the best tool to share and control network in a particular area. Some of these come with wireless accessibility whereas other routers can be used with the help of an ethernet cable. Now when it comes to routers, D-Link comes into the picture as a reputed brand and a trusted name. It was founded in 1986 with title “Dataex System Inc.” D-Link offers WiFi routers, ethernet cables, data cards, ethernet cards and dongles.

The application of the D-Link router is not limited to households only, they widely used for corporate purposes too. D-Link routers come with a flexible range of price and are customizable as per the user needs. The manufacturer sells D-Link routers through e-commerce stores and worldwide distributors.

When it comes to functionalities and appearances, D-Link routers come in different models with excellent features. Some of its latest models are DIR880L, DIR-816, DIR 655 etc. The best part, D-Link routers enable users to enjoy internet services for long hours without any interruption. Also, its setup is not that complicated; it will take only a minute. It’s one of the best router brand available out there in the market.

Get Familiar With The D-Link Router Login Page And Basics

Login D-Link Router

Before you login, make sure that your router device has updated framework to run the device. The outdated or old framework will not work on new router devices, and you may encounter login errors. Consider the following points to manage your D-Link router and set up appropriately.

  • D-Link routers come with default username and password that you can find at the bottom or back of your router. So, note down the default username and password details before you proceed to the next step.
  • Next, you need to connect your laptop or PC with the router.
  • Now, you need to access the default IP address, or you can also use
  • Once you’re there at Domain page, use your username and password. Just enter the details in the relevant field and you will successfully login D-Link router.

Login D-Link Router

You will also find other key options there after login. Some of the key options that you will find there are privacy settings, hosting options, guest networks, proxy block and many others. If default setup is not as per your requirement, you can always customize your router using these options for best uses.

Login D-Link Router

Changing Wireless Setting Of A D-Link Router

Login D-Link Router

The next thing that you would do after login D-Link router is setting wireless connection. Wireless routes are popular these days, and people mostly prefer them over wired options. However, there is a negative side of wireless connection settings as well, that’s security and health issues. Yes, the wireless settings make an internet source open to the public. Therefore, it’s necessary that you change or customise the wireless settings to make the internet connection secure. It may sound quite difficult to do, but practically it not. It’s just a game of a few minutes. Have a look below and follow the points mentioned below to change wireless Setting of your D-Link router to ensure connection security

  • Connect your PC or laptop with your D-Link router.
  • Next, you need to login D-Link router. Visit and enter default/defined Username and Password in the relevant field to login D-Link router. Now, press “OK” to initialise.
  • Now you need to get into the “Setup” section and then find “Wireless Setting” there to configure the changes or to customize the wireless security of your router.
  • Finally, this is where you will make changes and save them. So, you need to click on “Manual Wireless Connection Setup” to get started with the purpose.
  • On the next page, you will get the option to enable or disable the wireless settings. Also, you will get options to change SSID, wireless mode configuration etc. You can modify or configure setting here as per your requirement and case. Once you’re done with the configuration, merely click “Save Settings”, and that’s it. You’ve successfully modified the wireless settings as per your need.

Now new changes will get committed to your device, and you will be able to enjoy internet services with your D-Link router without any data theft fear or anything.

So, that’s how you can configure wireless settings for your router after login D-Link. The cybercrime and hacks have increased these days, so it’s always good to protect your internet connection to eliminate possible hacks and misuses.

Resetting Admin Password To Login D-Link Router

Login D-Link Router

Next thing that you can do after login D-Link router is changing or resetting admin password for your D-Link router. Remember that, admin password has no similarity with WiFi password, they both are different keys and are for their own unique purposes. A WiFi password is used to protect wireless network whereas an admin password is used to login the router account on the homepage. The time you set up a D-Link router, you need to define and set an admin password for your D-Link device that you will use to login D-Link router homepage.

Resetting admin password is the last option when you forget your admin password to login D-Link router. Here are few key points that will help you to reset admin password of your router to login D-Link router successfully.

  • First of all, you need to make sure that no device is connected to the router. To reset the admin password, it’s necessary that all the devices that you use remain disconnected during the admin password reset procedure. You will have to reboot your router, and it will then get into its default setting mode. It means you will not be able to enjoy internet services till you set your router up again.
  • Next, you need to find out the reset button which is located behind the D-Link router. It’s a tiny button that you need to press for around 10 to 15 seconds. A successful attempt will make the blinking light goes off.
  • Once the blinking light goes off, release the reset button. That’s it. Now your D-Link router will restart.

Rebooting or restarting D-Link router will set all its features and functions to default.  Router username and password, firewall setting, WiFi username and password, everything will get set to default. Also, it will set all those changes and configuration that you’ve made earlier to default. After successful restart or reboot of your router, you can again proceed to login D-Link router with default username and password to define login credentials for both the WiFi connection and router. Also, define username and password that you can remember.

Changing D-Link Router WiFi Password

Login D-Link Router

Want to change the password of your D-Link router for WiFi connection? Well to do so you will have to login D-Link router again. The encryption of any wireless router is mandatory as it protects the device from possible hacks. Businesses usually change their WiFi key after every one or two months to ensure data protection and eliminate data theft as it can result in a tremendous loss for both the individual and the entire company.

D-Link comes with three encryption modes which are as follows:

  1. Wired Equivalent Privacy ( Also Called WEP)
  2. WiFi Protected Access (Also Called WPA)
  3. WiFi Protected Access 2nd Generation (Also Called WPA2)


Let’s get more familiar with these three encryption modes and compare them.

#1 WEP Encryption

Key Facts
  • It was the first 802.11 standard security.
  • It can be hacked very easily with minimum efforts due to weak authentication and 24-bit IV (Initialization Vector)

How Does It Work?

It works with RC4 stream cypher and 64/128 bit keys. Also, the static master Key needs to be entered manually in all the devices.

Should You Use It?

No, not at all. It’s an old security protocol that can be hacked very easily. Thus, it’s good not to consider it.

#2 WPA Encryption
Key Facts
  • It’s an interim standard protocol to target major WEP flaws.
  • It comes in two modes, namely enterprise and personal.
How Does It Work?

It also uses RC4 cypher but with 256 bit Key. Also, each client needs to have a separate key for their device with TKIP.

Should You Use This?

Yes, but only when WPA2 is not available.

#3 WPA2
Key Facts
  • It’s latest standard encryption with new hardware to ensure that advanced encryption doesn’t affect the performance.
  • Like WPA, it also comes with enterprise and personal modes.

How Does It Work?

It works with CCMP and AES algorithm to offer best authentication and encryption.

  • Should You Use This?

Yes, it is recommended to use WPA2 Encryption as it is the most secure encryption till now.


Out of these three, both WPA2 and WPA offer end to end encryption. Encryption is nothing but mainly a password set by the user. It’s recommended to change and define new encryption after a short interval to ensure the security of your internet connection. Below is the step by step process to change the password of your D-Link WiFi.

  • Start with connecting your laptop or PC with the router and then visit
  • Once there, login D-Link router with default/ defined username and password.
  • Next, you need to get into the “Wireless Settings” section. There you will be able to choose the encryption protocol and input a new password for your router WiFi.

That’s it. Now simply save the changes to apply the new password.

  • Default Passwords To Login D-Link Router

Login D-Link Router

It’s essential that you change the default password after first time setup to ensure proper security. Well, the internet has some default password that you can use to login D-Link Router. The default password may vary depending on the model of the router. However, you can find more details below regarding default password to login D-Link router.

To Login D-Link Router model DI-804, DI-704, DI-604, DI-524, DI-514:

  • USERNAME: admin
  • PASSWORD: leave it blank

To Login D-Link Router model DI-701, DI-4300, DI-4100:

  • USERNAME: Blank
  • PASSWORD: Blank

To Login D-Link Router Other Models:

  • USERNAME: admin
  • PASSWORD: admin


Just keep all the points in your mind and follow the step to configure your D-Link router to use as per your convenience.


So that’s how you can login D-Link router and configure it for best uses. Hope you enjoyed reading this article and it helps you to login D-Link router successfully. If you have any doubts or you need any help, comment below. Also, read “8 Working Ways to Download Windows 10” and “How to Set Up Trendnet Router?”. So, that’s it for now. Also, stay tuned with us for more such amazing and exciting posts. Thanks!

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