how to connect Belkin Range Extender

connect Belkin Range Extender

connect Belkin Range Extender

Belkin range extender setup

how to connect Belkin Range Extender ? In the event that you confronting association issue in your home or office then you should check purpose for it. By and large, our routers don’t cover the whole home network. They give WIFI motions up to the constrained region, past that devices get no signs. Or on the other hand once in a while switch signals get aggravated because of impedance’s, checks introduce close-by the switch, which adds to debilitate the signs. Along these lines, keeping in mind the end goal to wipe out this impedance and check, you require a device like Belkin range extender setup.

Belkin is a notable organization that fabricates quality networking device, for example, switch and extender. Belkin Company’s reputation of assembling quality devices is very noteworthy. Along these lines, in the event that you are going to put resources into Belkin range extender setup, you won’t lament your choice. We invite all of you, on our site, which will give refreshed data in regards to Belkin range extender establishment and configuration. Aside from this, you will likewise get data about http/switch, and http/Belkin. Range. In this way, prepare to rehash your switch wireless signs to the more prominent degree. Before you begin Belkin n300 range extender setup, ensure you know the point’s earlier Belkin setup.


connect Belkin Range Extender

connect Belkin Range Extender

Advantages of Belkin Range Extender Setup

  • The client can add wireless networked PCs to the wired network. Close to this, you can likewise expand the scope of your wireless networking.
  • Belkin range extender has configuration push-catch to get interface in repeater mode.
  • Gives hesitant similarity each 802.11b 2.4GHz wireless device.
  • Belkin Range extender can work with PC, PCs and Macintosh.
  • Have wireless highlights, for example, 64-and 128-piece WEP and WPA/WPA2 encryption.


  • Most importantly, push or hold the WPS catch on Belkin range extender setup for around 2 seconds.
  • Discharge the WPS catch once you see WPS LED light start to streak. It demonstrates that WPS has been begun.
  • Next, push/hold the WPS catch on switch inside 2 minutes, beginning of WPS on your Belkin setup wireless range extender.
  • Finishing up configuration will occur naturally.


connect Belkin Range Extender

connect Belkin Range Extender

Belkin Range Extender Setup by means of Belkin Setup Wizard

To start Belkin Setup Wizard, a client will require a Web-enabled device, for example, PC or tablet, a device with Web perusing potential. By and large, every Belkin range extender underpins wireless Web setup.


  • At first, plug your Belkin range extender setup into an electrical plug. Extender must be set inside the range of your switch’s wireless network.
  • Next, identify and interface Belkin setup network by your Wi-Fi enabled device.
  • Furthermore In the event that something goes wrong, you can’t see the network, reset your range extender.
  • Open an internet browser now and sort area name http://belkin.range into program address bar and snap Go catch.
  • Aside from the area name, you can likewise utilize IP address to get to Belkin range extender setup page.
  • Furthermore On the opening of next page, tick on Get started catch. This will pay special mind to switch’s SSID.
  • Here, makes a choice for a wireless network that you wish to expand. When you have done, tap on Next.
  • Now If your network isn’t noticeable, tap on invigorate catch.
  • Presently, sit tight for the Belkin setup to get associate with the network.
  • Thereafter, Belkin setup wizard will confirm your secret key.
  • If you have double band network, pick the second wireless network, you wish to rehash and expand.
  • Finally On fulfillment tap on Next.



connect Belkin Range Extender

connect Belkin Range Extender

How to Reset Range Extender to Factory Defaults?

  • Press and hold the reset catch for around 10 seconds and after that discharge it. Light on the range extender will begin glimmer and begins to squint. Reclamation gets finish once the light gets firm.


  • Troubleshoot Tips for Belkin Range Extender Setup –


Issue: – Belkin setup can’t find my Dual-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender, what to do please recommend?

Arrangement: – Generally, Belkin range extender client faces this issue. This happens for the most part amid the Belkin n300 range extender setup. In the event that you additionally confronting a similar circumstance, ensure you’re your Belkin range extender is Powered On.


Issue: – My Belkin range extender is having an issue while connecting to the wireless network, what to do?

Arrangement: – First of all Check If Amber LED is squinting it demonstrates your extender isn’t associated with the wireless network. To comprehend this issue, move the range extender close-by your switch.

Furthermore, check if Amber LED is firm, it indicates extender is associated with the wireless network however the flag is woeful. It may give a drowsy execution. For this, draw your extender closer to the switch.

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This article is very Helpful for me to fix my issue how to connect Belkin Range Extender. By Following this article Steps I have easily connected my Belkin Range Extender.

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