How to connect a printer to the network?

A printer is an External Hardware output Device. That accepts text and graphics output from a computer and also transfers the information to paper, usually to standard size sheets of paper. Furthermore if you have a Printer and you want to connect a printer to the network. But because you don’t know How you can Connect your printer to the network.

So Today in this article I will tell you How to Connect a printer to the network. Besides you can follow the Trouble Shooting step regarding with your problem, similarly how can you connect your printer to the network.

Here is the Answer to related with your problem,

How to Connect a printer to the network.

How to connect a printer to the network?

How you can Setup Printer to the Network?

1. First of all Turn ON your printer.
2. Moreover connect your printer to Computer.
3. as well as Turn ON your Computer.
4. After, Turned ON your Computer in the left down corner of your computer Screen. Click Start.
5. Also Click, Control Panel.
6. In the upper right side of the screen. Click Category and Select Large Icon.
7. Furthermore Click Device and Printer.
8. Into the Device and printer page.At the top of the screen. Click Add a Printer.
9. Furthermore Click on “Add a network, Wireless or Blue-tooth Printer”.
10. Click on the name of the printer you want to set up from the list of available printers that appear.
11.Click Next Button.
12.Furthermore Click Install Driver.
13. Finally Click on the “Finish” button to finish installing the printer and close the Add Printer wizard.

How to connect a printer to the network?How you can connect your printer to Computer  Automatically?

1. First of all Search your printer Software. Type your printer Model Number and click Find and Click Download next to the top Software Entry.

2. In addition Double Click the Software File.

3. Also Turn on your Printer.

4. Also Follow the on-screen instructions until you reach the “Network” section.

5. Furthermore In the Middle of the page. Choose Network (Ethernet/Wireless).

6. After this, Click Yes, send my wireless settings to the printer.

7. Wait for your printer to connect.

8. Finally once the setup is complete, As a result you’ll be able to start using your printer.

How to connect a printer to the network?

Similarly Connect a Printer to the Network in Windows 10 Computer.

1. Turn ON your Computer.

2. Also Make sure it is connected to the Internet.

3. Go to the Control Panel.

4. Furthermore Into the Control Panel. Click Hardware and Sound Link.

5. Again under the Device and Printer, Click Add a Device Link.

6. Now, Windows scan the Computer.

7. After this Choose the printer and Click on the next.

8. If the Printer is not listed. So click on the “The printer that I Want is not Listed” and skip to the Add printer by name or TCP/IP address.

9. After this, If you know the printer name, So Choose the option “Select a shared printer by name”.

10. Rather Type the path to the Printer. But if you don’t know the printer Path, But you know the Printer IP Address, so Choose the option “Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname”.

11. Finally After this, Click On the Next.

Hope this article will helpful for you related to your problem, How to connect a printer to the network?


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I loved your Tech Support Forum website and I want to thanks for you  Because of by the following of the steps on this article, I had easily connected my printer to the network?

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