How To Boot Acer Laptop ?

how to boot Acer laptop

Are you not able to boot Acer laptop from CD or USB ? Don’t worry, here is how to boot Acer laptop easily and quickly.

Acer has become one of the most trusted names in the world of the laptop. The kind of service and support Acer offers to the user is merely excellent. Majority of Acer Laptops users are satisfied and happy. Well, when it comes to booting from USB or CD, some users encounter issues with Acer Laptop. The reason behind this issue can be the device or medium you’re using for the purpose. So techsupportforum247 is here to help you with “ How To Boot Acer Laptop ” Guide. Let’s don’t waste time and Proceed directly to the primary purpose of this post.

How To Boot Acer Laptop From USB ?

how to boot Acer laptop

 Step 1: Get and create a bootable USB flash drive first.

Stp 2: Turn off your computer completely before proceeding to the next steps.

Step 3: Insert the bootable USB Flash Drive to your computer.

Stp 4: Turn On your PC now.

Step 5: Now start by pressing the boot key of your computer. Esc or F12 is generally booting menu key in most of Acer computer. So, press and proceed accordingly.

That’s it. So, that’s how to boot Acer laptop using a bootable USB flash drive.

Let’s now proceed to the second method to boot Acer laptop From CD.

How To Boot Acer Laptop From Cd Or Dvd ?

how to boot Acer laptop

Step 1: Turn your Acer Laptop On and start pressing the F2 button until the bios setup menu appears on the screen.

Stp 2: Next, you need to select the option called “Boot” from the options available on the screen. Also, use the Up-Down or Left-Right keys on your keyboard to scroll the options and select the one.

Step 3: Hit Enter after selecting the “Boot” option from the menu, and it will show the list of all boot devices.

Stp 4: Now you need to select the boot device with the help of arrow keys. Here the boot device stands for the CD or DVD that you are using as a medium to boot your Acer laptop.

Step 5: Press the F6 key on your Acer laptop keyboard to move and set the selected boot device as a preferred device. It will help you to define a new boot order in your Acer system.

Stp 6: Now press the F10 or Acer defined key to save all the changes to bios.

So, that’s how to boot Acer laptop from a CD or DVD. These steps will make your Acer laptop ready to get booted from CD.


So, that’s all about how to boot Acer laptop from bootable USB flash drive and CD. If these methods don’t help you get success in booting your Acer laptop then never hesitate to take help from expert technicians. Hope you enjoyed reading this post and it really helps you. Also, read “Fix HP Laptop Keyboard Not Working” and “My HP Laptop Won’t Turn On – What To Do?”. Do follow us to get more such updates.




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