An Ultimate Guide To Fix BSOD Windows 10 Error

BSOD Windows 10

BSOD Windows 10

Want to know how to fix blue screen of death or BSOD Windows 10 errors? Here we have explained everything from basic to advance. So, go through this post and learn how to troubleshoot BSOD Windows 10 error.


No matter whether you’re using Windows Vista or latest Windows 10 platforms, Blue Screen Of Death is something that we all encounter at some stages. BSOD Windows 10 error is actually a condition which compromises safe system operation, and that’s why the system halts.This error is also called “Stop Error”, “Bug Check”, “Kernel Error”, “System Fault” or “Stop Error.

Before we actually proceed to the troubleshooting steps, let’s get more familiar with BSOD Windows 10 issues.


What Exactly Is BSOD Windows 10 Error ?

BSOD Windows 10

BSOD Windows 10

As said, BSOD Windows 10 issues have several other names as well, but the actual problem is the same with all the terms mentioned in the above section.

On Windows XP platforms the system to report Windows errors was wholly manual. The error reporting system is now more improved and streamlined in Windows Vista and Windows 7 and Windows 10 platforms. Well, that doesn’t mean that BSOD has wholly vanished. You can still encounter BSOD Windows 10 errors.

Generally, when BSOD error occurs, it appears on screen for a second and then the system immediately restart itself. Thus, users don’t get an opportunity to read what error code was actually there. To know what exactly it was, you need to Disable the auto restart option for your laptop or PC. You can easily Disable that option from StartUp and System Recovery Settings of your PC. Here is how to proceed and disable auto restart option to see Blue Screen Death Of Error code on your PC.

Step 1: Go to the control panel.

Stp 2: Here you need to click On “System And Maintenance” and then get into “System” tab to proceed further.

Step 3: Next, go to “Advanced System Settings” and then click on the “Advanced” option.

Stp 4: Next you need to click “Settings” option available under “Startup and Recovery”.

Step 5: Now uncheck the “Automatically Restart” box.

Stp 6: Now click on “Ok” to enable UAC.

That’s it. You’ve successfully disabled Automatic Restart, and now you will be able to see BSOD Windows 10 error code on display the time it will occur. By knowing the BSOD Windows 10 error code, you would be able to identify the actual problem and then take appropriate steps to troubleshoot the issue.

Well, most of the time Windows automatically fix issues on its own. But if that’s not the case, then it will lead to Blue Screen Death Of Error on Windows 10 system. Below is a screenshot of a window that you will see during Blue Screen Death Of Error.

So that’s the basics of Blue Screen Of Death Error that we think you should know. Let’s now proceed to know how to fix BSOD Windows 10. Read the below section to know everything.

How To Fix BSOD Windows 10 Manually?

There are several approaches to proceed and fix BSOD Windows 10. We are going to list all the approaches here one by one. Just follow all the instructions and steps we have mentioned below, and you would be able to fix Blue Screen Death Of Error on Windows 10 system that keeps hunting people now and then.

Things That You Need Do First To Fix BSOD Windows 10

#1 Disable Automatic Restart

BSOD Windows 10

BSOD Windows 10

As said earlier, to know the exact error code you need to hold down the error screen for a while and that you can’t do when Automatic restart feature is enabled. Also, we have mentioned above how to disable this feature to get sufficient time to note down the error code. Still, if you find that approach of disabling Automatic Restart is quite complex then here I’m going to tell you another way to disable the Automatic Restart feature for your Windows 10 system to fix BSOD Windows 10 easily. Follow the below instructions.

Step 1: Go to search tab and enter “This PC” and proceed. Once found, click right on it and then click on “Properties.”

Stp 2: There will be an “Advance System Setting” option available on the left-hand side. Click on it.

Step 3: Now you will see “Settings” tab under “Startup And Recovery” tab. Click on it.

Stp 4: Now go to the “System Failure” tab and uncheck the box available in front of “Automatically Restart.”

Step 5: Now click “Ok” to save the settings and exit menu.

So, that’s how you can disable “Automatic Restart” for your Pc easily to fix BSOD Windows 10 problem.

#2 Check For Updates

BSOD Windows 10

BSOD Windows 10

Next, you need to make sure that your system is running on latest updated Windows version. Microsoft uses to release frequent updates to ensure system efficiency and the latest security patches. This one is one of the vital things to fix BSOD Windows 10 or to prevent the same issues in future. Well, Windows 10 comes with auto updates feature, so there is nothing much to do. So, try updating your Windows if there is an update available for your system.

#3 Check If Your System Is Virus Infected

BSOD Windows 10

BSOD Windows 10

Data Corruption is one of the common reasons for BSOD Windows 10 issues. If there will be any malware on your system, then the chance of data corruption will also be more. So, if you’re encountering BSOD Windows 10 error on your PC more than usual, then it’s good to use some antivirus software to scan your PC for malwares and viruses. Also, using Windows Defender can also be a good choice here to scan your whole system and repair BSOD Windows 10.

We hope it will fix the blue screen error on your Windows 10 system.

#4 Update Firmware And Hardware Drivers

BSOD Windows 10

BSOD Windows 10

Faulty drivers are another name in the list among common reasons that lead to BSOD Windows 10. So, updating them as soon as new update arrives is another way to fix BSOD Windows 10 issues.

These days, Universal Windows Drivers are great at taking care of most hardwares. Still, there are some drivers that Windows doesn’t update automatically and thus you need to do that manually. It is recommended to download drivers from respective manufacturer website only and avoid third-party sources.

Next, make sure that you keep your system’s firmware, that’s BIOS or UEFI, to its latest version available or released by the officials.

So, above are a few points that you need to ensure before you proceed to fix BSOD Windows 10 problem. Once you’re done with the above points, you’re all set to proceed and fix Blue Screen Death Of Error on Windows 10. So, here is the guide for you.

Fix BSOD Windows 10 Using Safe Mode

BSOD Windows 10

BSOD Windows 10

Safe mode is best to find the root cause of most of the problems that user encounter in their windows system. The problem we are discussing here is no exception. You can troubleshoot  BSOD Windows 10 using safe mode no matter whether you’re having Windows 10 or older versions.

Once you boot to Safe Mode in Windows 10 system and you don’t see any BSOD, then it’s clear that there is some third-party driver on your system leading to BSOD Windows 10 problem.

Don’t know how to use Safe Mode? Here we have explained.

Follow the below instructions to boot to Safe Mode:

Step 1: Go to Settings and then get into “Update and Recovery” and then click on “Update.”

Stp 2: Next, you need to go to Advanced StartUp and then click on “Restart Now.”

Note: Here you may have to wait for a while for Advance Startup screen to appear.

Step 3: Now got to “Troubleshoot” section and then click “Startup Settings” and then finally click on “Restart” to boot to safe mode.

Fix BSOD Windows 10 Using System Restore

BSOD Windows 10

BSOD Windows 10

Now this one is something that works very fine to undo all your sins. If Blue Screen Death Of Error is due to software or driver that you’ve recently installed on your system, then system restore can easily repair that.

There are so many system restore options available for Windows 10 in the Recovery menu under the  Control Panel section. If you want to roll back your windows system to an earlier time point then just click on “Open System Restore” and follow the onscreen instructions. If you’re going to add or create a restore point then merely go to Configure System Restore and then Create.

Troubleshooting BSOD Windows 10 Using Blue Screen Troubleshooter

BSOD Windows 10

BSOD Windows 10

Do you have Creators Update or later version? If yes then there is default troubleshooting feature to take care of things in case you encounter BSOD Windows 10 problem. You can repair Blue Screen Of Death on your Windows 10 system using the default troubleshooter. To do so, you need to go to the Settings page and then into the Update and Security section. There you will find the Troubleshooting menu. Click on that menu and find the “Blue Screen” option. Once found, click on it to launch the troubleshooting program and fix BSOD Windows 10 problem.

Note: Windows 10 Blue Screen Troubleshooter is generally found under “Fix and find other problems” heading. So proceed accordingly.

Delete All Those Corrupted And Faulted Windows 10 Updates


No doubt, we all face the issue of Windows breaks down during the updation. These are the common incidents that result in BSOD Windows 10 error. So, uninstalling all those faulty updates can be the best way to fix BSOD Windows 10 problem. Also, there can be some applications that might have corrupted the necessary windows files. So, proceed and take action accordingly and smartly.

Here is how to remove fault Windows Updates:

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Stp 2: Next, click on “Update And Recovery.”

Step 3: Go to update history

St 4: Now delete/uninstall the faulty Windows update files.

Hopefully, it will fix BSOD Windows 10 on your system.

Reinstall Windows
BSOD Windows 10

BSOD Windows 10

Now this one is the last but most effective way to get rid of blue screen error on Windows 10. Clean Installation of Windows will surely fix BSOD Windows 10 on your system, and you won’t face any such error as long as some unexpected incidents happen again. If you’re one of those users running on Windows 10, then there is a default option to proceed and reinstall, and the best part is you don’t need any dedicated Installation media for this purpose. If you’re running on Windows 7 or others, then you will need the bootable media to proceed to reinstall the window.

So, that’s the final troubleshooting weapon that we think will surely help you in fixing Blue Screen Death Of Error on Windows 10 system.


Note: We recommend to proceed with Windows reinstallation approach only when all the approaches as mentioned above fails to fix the issues. Try all the approaches, and we are sure that one of these will surely help you.


Pro Tips: All the approaches we have mentioned in this post are safe and works on windows 10 system to get rid of the issue. Still, while following the above approaches to fix Blue Screen Death Of Error on Windows 10 system, make sure that you know what actually you’re doing. Never touch any other setting menu to test or try as doing so will do no help but may affect the overall functionality and efficiency of your system. So, do follow what we have mentioned to avoid further issues or errors.


So these are some of the proven approaches to fix BSOD Windows 10 error. If blue screen error is not due to hardware related issues, then these troubleshooting approaches will surely fix the BSOD Windows 10 on your system. Also, if it is due to hardware issues, then you will have only option to approach some repair store for the replacement of defective hardware to make things work for you. Hope you enjoyed reading this post and it helps you to fix BSOD Windows 10 easily. Also, read “How To Download And Update Brother Printer Drivers?” and “How To Install Avg Antivirus Free On Windows PC?”. Interested in reading more such troubleshooting posts? If yes then do follow us so that you never miss an update. Thanks for reading this post. All the best!

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This article helped me to fix my Windows 10 error. By following these rules, I could remove my Windows 10 error.

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I followed the rules given in this article and easily fixed my window 10 error.

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