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Machine learning AI (Artificial Intelligence) is all over the internet and everywhere. In most places these days AI is used.

Chances are you are using it with or without even understanding and knowing about it.

One of the most popular applications of artificial intelligence is Machine learning.

Machine learning

It is one of the most popular AI implementations. In this article, we are sharing some applications of it in our daily lives.

Personal Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants like Siri, Google Now and Alexa are very popular.

Most of us are aware of the fact that these applications help in finding information easily, just by using your voice.

All you need to do is ask “What is my schedule today?” to know about your schedule. It is a very important part of these personal assistants. Both machine learning and virtual personal assistants use previously searched information to render the result you are looking for.

Traffic prediction by Machine learning

I am pretty sure that all of us use GPS services and applications like Google Maps to reach a new place. While we are using a particular application, our data is being stored in the central server of traffic management. Even if this helps in managing traffic and reaching your destination fast, only very few cars are equipped with GPS service. Machine learning helps in such scenarios to help in understanding the areas where traffic can be found daily.

Social media solutions

It is used on every social media platform to personalize your newsfeed, featuring targeted ads and for other user benefits. Features like people you may know, similar plus and face recognition are some of the popular examples of machine learning that you must have noticed while using any social media platform. These wonderful features are nothing but the application of machine learning by understanding your daily usage.

Email and malware filtration

There are multiple spam filters that are used by email clients. To ensure that these filters are continuously updated, machine learning is used. When spam-filtering is performed based on a particular rule, it fails to track the latest tricks that are used by spammers. More than 3,00,000 malware are detected every day. Security systems that are powered by machine learning are able to detect malware and their coding patterns.

Online customer support by Machine learning

These days you will find many websites that offer an online chat option to support their customers. Users can chat with customer service representatives while navigating the website. However, there are only very few websites that offer live executive support, most websites are supported by chatbots. These bots are able to extract information from the website and present it to customers. Also, companies keep updating their chatbots from time to time. Updated chatbots are able to understand user queries perfectly and get back with the perfect answer.

Machine learning

These are some of the most popular applications of it that are used by all of us. However, apart from the examples shared above, It is used in many other places. Let us know how machine learning has changed your day-to-day life.

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