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How to Contact Facebook
How to Contact Facebook

1. Contact Facebook by Help Centre

( Contact Facebook )Open the Facebook Help Centre website page. In the event that you aren’t as of now signed into Facebook, you’ll need click the Log In catch in the upper right corner of the page to enter your Facebook email address and password. Sadly, there is no real way to straightforwardly contact Facebook, you can’t call, content, email, or generally address a representative or offshoot of Facebook. You can, in any case, utilize Facebook’s Help Centre to determine and report an issue to have your record.

2. Review the options toolbar.

This is at the highest point of the screen, legitimately underneath the hunt bar you’ll have to drag your mouse cursor over every choice to see its subsections. Your alternatives incorporate the accompanying:

Utilizing Facebook – This area of the Help Centre spreads fundamental Facebook usefulness, including how to on friending, informing, and record creation.

Managing Your Account – Covers things, for example, your login and your profile settings.

Privacy and Safety

Addresses account security, unfriending individuals, and hacked/counterfeit records.

Policies and Reporting – Covers fundamental announcing (misuse, spam, and so forth.) just as dealing with an expired individual’s Facebook record and revealing hacked or phony records. You can likewise look at the “Questions You May Have” and “Mainstream Topics” areas on this page, since they spread basic issues and objections.

How to Contact Facebook

3. Select a significant area.

For instance, in case you’re having an issue with an impostor account, you’d select the “Security and Safety” area and after that click Hacked and Fake Accounts.

4.To Contact Facebook Audit extra alternatives.

With regards to the impostor account model, you may tap the “How would I report a record that is professing to be me?” interface. Doing as such will raise a progression of steps that disclose how to cure your circumstance. For instance, Facebook suggests managing an impostor account by setting off to the record’s profile page, clicking, and clicking Report, at that point adhering to the onscreen directions.

How to Contact Facebook

5. Utilize the hunt bar to speed up your procedure.

To do this, basically click on the pursuit bar at the highest point of the Help Centre page it will say something like “Howdy (Your Name), how might we help?” and type in a couple of words identified with your grievance. You should see a few recommendations spring up in a dropdown menu underneath the hunt bar.

For instance, you may type in “impostor account”, at that point click on the “How would I report a record for pantomime?” result. The pursuit bar here just connects to Facebook’s precomposed articles, in case you’re searching for a response to a particular issue not shrouded in the Help Centre, avoid ahead to the Community page.

How to Contact Facebook
  • 6. Open the Ads Help Centre page.

On the off chance that your business or page is having issues with ads, your inquiries are typically tended to in this area. To dig into promoting, you’ll need to click Creating Ads or Managing Ads. For issues with publicizing, you’ll have to click Troubleshooting Your Ads and after that select an issue on the resulting menu.

7. To Contact Facebook Visit the Facebook Community page.

In the event that you can’t locate your present issue recorded anyplace in the Help Centre, your most logical option is to search for it in the network discussions here. You’ll see an inquiry bar at the highest point of this page, you can look into themes (e.g., incapacitated records) from here.

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