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Quantum computing

Quantum computing was introduced by Alan Turing in the year 1930. It is basically a theoretical device that comes with unlimited length tape that is divided into squares. Multinational companies like Google, IBM and many other companies including some startups are racing towards creating the next-generation supercomputer. Quantum computers, if they are ever introduced to us will help in solving various problems. Issues like modeling complex chemical processes can easily be done using quantum computing.

Quantum computing

What exactly is quantum computing?

Quantum computing has the strange ability of subatomic particles that exists in varied state at a particular time. The way each tiny particle behave, operations can be a very quick process. Quantum computer uses very less energy compared to classic computers and the results are quick as well.

A single bit of information can only exist in two states, namely, 1 or 0 in classical computing. However, in Quantum computing uses ‘qubits’ and ‘quantum bits.’ These are the most two common quantum bits, however, are capable of storing more information compared to 1 or 0. These are able to store more information since they have the capability of existing in superposition value.


First of all the major difference between qubits and classical bits is that we can prepare a qubit in a quantum superposition of 0 and 1. Also, we can create nontrivial correlated states of the qubit and they re known as ‘entangled states.’ A qubit can be considered as an imaginary sphere. However, a classical bit is available only in two states, at either pole of the sphere. Secondly a qubit can be present in any point of the sphere. Since qubits are present at any point in the sphere, computers using it are able to store huge amounts of information compared to classical computers.

When will Quantum computers be introduced?

Until recently, Google was considered as the leading company to be creating quantum computers that had features to surpass classical computers. However, in an article published in the year 2017, the search engine giant shared its plan to commercialize quantum technology by 2022.  Google also said that it going to introduced something called ‘quantum supremacy’ by the end of 2017.

Quantum computing

Furthermore recently, quantum supremacy is referred to as the point where a quantum computer can accommodate sums that were somewhat difficult for classical computers to do.  People who are skeptical about this major project of Google – or at least do not like the way the giant talks about quantum computers, argue that this is an essential goal for Google in order to make it look like its making strides in quantum. However, Google is meeting is a self-imposed target in reality.

IBM compared to Google

IBM compared to Google has progressed more. moreover the company is now making quantum computers available commercially. Since the year 2016, IBM has offered various researchers chances to run experiments on quantum computers.

Finally according to various researches, quantum computers might be available commercially by the end fo 2022. With quantum computers coming into the market, there will a huge change in the computing industry.

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